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Jaihi Summer Sweet T-Shirt

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Baby cloths size chart

A baby clothes size chart is a tool that helps parents and caregivers select the appropriate size of clothing for infants and young children. These size charts typically provide guidelines based on the age range, height, and weight of the child. The purpose of a size chart is to ensure a proper fit, which is important for the comfort and safety of the child.

Disclaimer: The above size chart for baby clothes is a general guideline based on the Alibaba size chart for 1-5 year-olds. However, sizes may vary by brand, manufacturer, and even by individual item
Size Age Range Height Range (cm) Weight Range (kg)
80 6-12 Month 75-85 9-12
90 2 Years 85-95 12-14
100 3 years 95-105 14-16
110 4 Years 105-115 16-18
120 5 Years 115-125 18-20
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